Our Team

Couleur Locale Kids was founded in 2020 by Ruth and Jasmien, mother and daughter. Our passion is to turn the daily lives of parents (to be), grandparents and kids into real happy days... Browse through this friends book to get to know us and our sweetest mascot, Toto, a little better.





My birthday is: July 2

My hobbies are: Spending hours 'Pinteresting', getting fresh flowers, going on beautiful trips, planning a work-out only to end up not doing it, creating unique shopping windows, meeting up with friends & going shopping every once in a while

Favourite food: Anything vegetarian... Veggie for life!

I don't like: People who forget to use their direction indicator

My favourite brand: Buho, because every season they surprise me with their breathtaking prints

I am in love with: Basil, My British Shorthair

Favorite movie: The Gladiator

My favourite toy: Floofie the sheepdog 

My best qualities:Empathetic, always honest and supportive



My birthday is:November 27

My hobbies are:Exploring the world

Favourite food:Sausage with applesauce (but I don't eat meat anymore, too bad!)

I don't like:Ladies with fur coats

My favourite brand:Maileg, for its imaginative world

I am in love with:Leonardo Dicaprio... and of course my husband

Favorite movie:The Lion King and Jungle Book, hard to decide...

My favourite toy:Wiley Whale van Jellycat 

My best qualities:Unstoppable, inventive, energetic


Our dearest mascot

My birthday is:May 11

My hobbies are:Playing tag with my best friends, picking my nose when no one is watching and swinging around at Couleur Locale Kids

Favourite food:Fresh bananas

I don't like: People who cut too much trees

My favourite brand:Jellycat, the softest cuddly friends on earth

I am in love with:The store of Couleur Locale Kids

Favorite movie:Jungle Book

My favourite toy:Tumble pig

My best qualities:World champion banana peeling 

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