Our Footprint

To protect our beautiful globe, it is important that we all do our part…

Sustainable products

At the heart of Couleur Locale Kids lies a passion for beautiful things. But as a company, we are also conscious of our footprint. We are parents, we have children, we want to see them play, enjoy and grow up in the best world possible.

With our own greenable label, as a baby and children's store, we very strongly choose a sustainable and ecological assortment.

From recycled materials to organic cotton, wood sourced from sustainably managed forests, ...

Discover our greenable criteria here:

  • Certified OEKO-TEX:
    If textiles receive the OEKO-TEX label, they do not contain harmful substances. Better for your skin and health, in other words!
  • Certified GOTS:
    The GOTS label shows that a product is made from organic materials and was produced in socially responsible production conditions.
  • FSC - Wood from sustainably managed forests:
    The FSC label guarantees responsible sourcing from sustainably managed forests and/or recycling. Wood and derived products carrying an FSC label can only do so when the processing chain from forest to the final product is controlled in terms of traceability.
  • Recycled material

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